What we look for in an RV Park & Storytime!

Good Morning!

I wanted to do a quick post about what we look for, specifically when researching parks and locations. And with that, there’s an app I want to highlight as well.  (No, this is not a sponsored post…yet 😉)

One consistent app I have used to find almost all of the places we have stayed is RV Parky. I’ll add a photo of the app’s thumbnail here:
rvparkylogo What I love the most about this app is that I can put in our next city, and it will give a list of parks in that area, or I can search by the map. It also includes prices and amenities the park offers. I’ll include screenshots of that as well. There are reviews included on the page and contact information for the park. Not every park we have gone to had all the information, but it was a good guide to get us started.

Another thing I appreciate about this app is the ability to filter, I did some random filter options just to show some of the things you can choose from. You have so many options, from RV Park types, Stores, Gas Stations (fueling while towing can be tricky!), Rest Areas and Road Warnings, and Amenities (site features and facilities).

Only you can truly decide what’s important to you at a location, but our must-haves for parks:
• Water, Sewer, Electric
• 50 AMP
• Laundry
• Rest Rooms/Shower houses
• Paved or Gravel sites
• WiFi (huge bonus)

Pull through sites are another huge bonus if you aren’t confident in pulling and chasing your trailer. These can put your parking worries at ease. But, I promise with practice it becomes easy. If Shelby can do it, you can do it…and she’s pretty darn good at it. 😜

When searching for your next park, whether you are RV’ing or tent camping, always look at the cost/rates thoroughly. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay for a 7 day week, when you are only staying 4-5 nights than to pay for days individually. Same goes for the monthly rates vs. paying for a few weeks.

The next thing to pay very close attention to is the reviews. Take the good with the bad, and always cross-reference reviews on parks with a Google search. You may be able to find additional photos this way as well. Checking out the actual website for the park can also give you an idea of the area you’ll be staying. But remember looks can be very deceiving. If you have the ability to do a dry run of a park before arriving with your RV, DO IT.

Story Time!

While we were staying in Kentucky at Camp Carlson, (the park I used as an example above) we decided to look at a few other parks because our cell/internet service was so bad and I need the connectivity for work. We found a park about 20 minutes away and it looked GREAT on our Google searches so we made a reservation. Reviews were good, photos were nice, it had everything we needed, but I had a huge check from the Holy Spirit. So, after much persuasion, I convinced Dyvese that we needed to drive over the night before and check out this park before we arrived the next morning with our trailer in tow. Friends, Family, anyone reading this…let me tell you…this park looked like a scene off of The Walking Dead. By this I mean it looked like a very scary, run down left abandoned place inhabited by zombies. This park was located far away from the main highway on a very back road. Trailers were a foot or less apart from each other, parked jaggedly, we could hardly navigate our truck through the narrow horseshoe shaved drive. The only light providing sight were some left behind random Christmas lights held up in the air by some 30+ random poles and wood strips strung across the entire park.

We quickly came to the conclusion that this was not the place for us. We wondered where the photos that were online were possibly taken. Did we go to the wrong park? Then we saw the sign, random board slats hand painted in left behind whitewash…we were at the right park. I wish that I could tell you this is a made up story, or a joke. We both genuinely felt that this was an unsafe area for us, and we left. We politely cancelled our reservation the next morning. Cell and internet service suddenly wasn’t so important.

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