Where we’ve been so far…RV Park Ratings included!

  1. Cross Country Campground – Denver, NC 
    September-October 2018 – two week stay

    Our first park, this place was wonderful! Our camper is a 35′ and some turns were a bit on the tight side. Lots of nature and a fair amount of amenities within the park (Pool, hiking trails, pond, laundry, shower houses and bathrooms). The town of Denver did not have a great selection for grocery stores or general stores, but there were some awesome restaurants. When I say that we ate at the Butcher Boy Cafe every. single. day. I really do mean it! If you are ever in the are, this is definitely a highlight!  Butcher Boy Cafe – Location

    The sites were super spacious and they were pull-throughs with gravel. The water pressure was good, especially for the number of campers in that park. It was a very quiet park during the week, but during the weekend it did get a bit noisier with weekend warriors. Park manager was a sweet woman who graciously traded our dollars for quarters so we could do our laundry. This is a gated and private community. They have a game room and a church with a pastor on site.

    We give Cross Country Campground campground 4/5 stars.

  2. Grand Trails RV Park – Corydon, IN
    October 2018 – one week stay

    First off, let me say this is such a beautiful and historic town. Corydon has a very rich historical district and a real sense of family-oriented community.  Grand Trails RV Park was a bit of a bust for us.

    The park manager was extremely nice and helpful, but these spots were EXTREMELY TIGHT. They were so close to one another we were unable to put out our awnings and had only a few feet on each side. They were gravel spots and a bit unlevel. Water pressure was okay at this location and the amenities were not great, but useable. Laundry, bathroom and shower stalls available. 

    We give Grand Trails RV Park 2/5 stars.

  3. Camp Carlson Campgrounds – Fort Knox, KY
    November 2018 – four week stay

    This was a location we spent the most time at so far. We experienced such a range in weather from 70 degree sunny days to ice storms, inches of snow and inches of rain. This park was beautiful, lots of hiking and outdoor opportunities. We were minutes from the Army base and all conveniences of groceries and shopping.

    One huge downside, we had almost no cell phone/internet service. We have both AT&T and Verizon services and it was awful in the valley where this camp is located. This is a perfect weekend getaway location, it’s quiet and well kept. Water pressure is good, spaces are large and you have lots of room to set up an outdoor area if that’s your thing. Camp hosts are very helpful and knowledgable of RV’s and maintenance. 

    We give Camp Carlson 3/5 stars.

  4. Kountry Ranch RV Park – Oyster Creek, TX
    January 2019 – two week stay

    “There wouldn’t be no Alamo, No Cowboys in the Superbowl… No Lonesome Dove, no ‘Yellow Rose’, If it wasn’t for Texas” – As put by George Strait in his 2005 single “Texas”.

    Texas was one of our goal states when we started our RVing journey. The weather is beautiful, people are friendly and the scenery is a very unique experience.  Kountry Ranch RV Park is located near Surfside Beach and the Brazos River. There are lots of small-town feels mixed with an industrial vacation style city. Yummy authentic food, wonderful locals, sunrises and sunsets that just make you appreciate the beauty and simplicity of God’s creation.

    Kountry Ranch is a RV park that also has Park Models for rent. You have a decent amount of space on grass/gravel lots. This park is very populated but quiet. All amenities needed, laundry (most expensive so far), bathrooms and shower houses available on site. Water pressure here is not good, sometimes not enough to run a true shower. We had okay cell/internet service while here. The public wifi that this park offered worked better than both of our paid providers. Another drawback for this park is the location, it’s in a bit of a rundown neighbourhood area. With that said, we never felt unsafe. It has its quirks and character that make it a truly special park. Staff was accommodating and helpful. 

    We give Kountry Ranch 3/5 stars.

More park reviews to come in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for upcoming posts: “What we look for in a RV Park”, “Hard Lessons for First Time RV’ers”, “RV Meals and Groceries”…

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